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Bolivia is a diversified country,  and with the sharp contrast between jungle and harsh mountain conditions, whether you live at 4,000 m. or at 400 m.a.s.l, many challenges are part of the Bolivian life. It is the poorest country in South America. The Andes mountains  pass diagonally through the country and the higher up the mountain you live the poorer you are. In the Cochabamba municipality of Vacas the Quechua-speaking Indigenous People, who live in a valley at the 12,500 ft level, eke out a living selling potatoes, wool and barley. The soil at this level consists mostly of sand and the lakes are salty and contaminated and safe drinking water is scarce. Hygiene levels are extremely low and water born disease common amongst the children. As a result, many children do not survive past the age of 5.

In September, 2009  The Bolivian-Canadian Water Providing Agency was started for the purpose of  helping the people of Vacas. Thanks to the generosity of the congregation at Victoria Avenue Baptist Church in Belleville, Campbellford Baptist Church , the Rotary Club of Belleville and others, and partners like SIM and Alcance in Bolivia, The Bolivian Water Project has partnered with  277 families in 20 villages in the Cochabamba municipality of Vacas to plan, build, and maintain their own Safe Drinking Water Supply. The goal is to provide a system that includes a cement lined well, water pump, kitchen sink, water filtration and water storage in the home that is self-sustainable in deployment and maintenance. Through supply of materials, workshops on how to plan and build the safe water system and education on personal hygiene, these families now are experiencing a higher quality, sustainable life. The hope is that through continued support the Bolivian Water Project can partner with many more families to enable them to have Safe Drinking Water.