Annual Report 2022

Thanks to God the project continues being successful. This year we wanted to complete our
labor at Sach’a Sach’a (SS) and Kolla Rancho (KR), the last two villages sited around the Parko
Kjocha Lake, with the vision to work in distant villages during 2023.

We started 2022 teaching workshops on sinks and making 40 sinks at both villages. We
finished installing 8 water tanks in KR.
So, we are leaving SS and KR with a good provision of water not just for human consumption
but also with several water ponds to store water and produce two crops during the year.


During November we got two important visits: Warren McFaul from Canada and Dale Harlan
from United States. W held several meetings to evaluate but also to plan the project for 2023.
We traveled to Vacas for three days and visited 6 villages repairing damaged water pumps,
overseeing wells, water ponds, etc.


As always, Alcance Bolivia provided us facilitators to oversee the field activities.


My gratitude to Belleville team, to Dale Harlan, to Craig Oliver and so many brothers in Christ
that are contributing to enlarge the Bolivian Water Project. May God bless them all.

Cochabamba, Bolivia, December 2022

Gonzalo Fiorilo


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