Tía – The Transportation Project

The Vision: As the Bolivian Water Project enters into its second decade, God has placed on our hearts that we can, with the generous help of friends, raise enough funds to purchase a sound vehicle for the project. We are calling this project Tía, which is Auntie in Spanish. This will enable us to reach out and provide a hand up to some of the poorest of the poor Quechua-speaking Indigenous people in Bolivia. Already we have touched and changed the lives of 277 families in 20 villages but imagine how we might expand that effort even further afield to villages not reachable today by normal public transportation. Think of the impact safe water, one well, one village at a time would have on these good people of Vacas. With a new vehicle we can substantially expand the projects reach, we can reach those with the biggest need, and we can substantially increase the hope and joy that safe water can bring to these people’s lives. In Psalm 92:4 we read “For you, O Lord, have made me glad by your work; at the works of your hands I sing for joy.” Our hope is that you can join us in singing for joy for the work God is doing in Bolivia. We hope and pray that through one well at a time, one village at a time the bright light of God’s love shines in the hearts of the Quechua-speaking Indigenous people in Vacas Bolivia and reveals to them the Triune God’s longing to be in relationship with them.

The Need: The project up to now has been able to use Public Transportation, borrowed vehicles, trekking on foot, and help from partners to reach the villages we have been helping. As we have said, God has placed on our hearts the desire to help groups of Quechua-speaking indigenous people in Vacas, that are outside the reach of the transportation methods the project has been using. As a result, we are seeking support to raise enough funds to purchase a suitable vehicle that will enable expansion of the project to these distant villages. It will also enhance the support we have been providing the villages so far by enabling the project to bring other resources to the villages, such as Doctors, and Nurses, and other Health Care professionals, foreign visitors who bring specialized skills, which will only further enhance our hand up to date.

The Ask: $15000 – $18000 USD will help us purchase a suitable Jeep or Truck that will be sustainable and useable for the types of travel we envision. We would like to purchase this vehicle in the 3rd quarter of 2020. We are calling the project Tía, for Auntie, in memory of where the seed money came from, a generous gift from one of the our friends of the project who is sharing a part of her Auntie’s estate. Our current seed fund is approximately $5,000 CAD

How You Can Help: Please consider making a donation to our capital fund along with your ongoing contribution to our operational fund. If you wish to make a donation you can make it by cheque, making it payable to: “Eastside Community Baptist Church” and designate it to “The Bolivian Water Project-Transportation Fund”, and mail cheques to:

The Bolivian Water Project
c/o Eastside Community Baptist Church
68 Rollins Drive
Belleville Ontario, Canada K8N 4J4