Who are we?

 In September, 2009 The Bolivian-Canadian Water Providing Agency or The Bolivian Water Project was started as a non-profit organization with the mission of helping the people in the Cochabamba municipality of Vacas plan, build, and maintain their own Safe Drinking Water Supply. With the primary sponsor of Eastside Community Baptist Church in Belleville and various partners, and supporters the project has partnered with 277 families in 20 villages to build and sustain safe drinking water supplies.

Founder of the Project:

Karl Uhrstrom

Co-founder and Country Coordinator of the Project:

Gonzalo Fiorilo, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Project Coordinator:

Nancy T. Post, Belleville Ontario

Invaluable Supporters and Partners:

Eastside Community Baptist Church
Campbellford Baptist Church
The Rotary Club of Belleville
Family, Friends and Neighbours
Alcance Bolivia – Florencia Rodríguez, Alcance Bolivia’s coordinator, has assigned two technicians to the project for overseeing and teaching clinics on cement rings, lids, hand water pumps and sinks.
SIM (Serving in Mission)
Cedarville University, Cedarville Ohio USA
Amigos de Bolivia, USA
Sociedad Biblica
CAWST, Calgary, Ab, Canada

Thank You All!